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PARRIS lawyers are experts in handling auto accident cases, no matter how minor or serious, and have been fighting for victims of car accidents since 1985. Auto accidents – whether truck, motorcycle, car, or bus – are life-changing events. PARRIS will fight relentlessly for you as you focus on you and your loved ones’ recoveries.


When someone is careless or negligent and causes you to sustain a physical or emotional injury, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation to help you recover from your injuries. PARRIS specializes in personal injury law and will help you hold negligent parties responsible for the harms that they have caused.


PARRIS lawyers are experts at litigating class action cases and have recovered over $500 million for class action clients since 1985. The two most common types of class actions that PARRIS handles are consumer class actions and employment class actions.


PARRIS Law Firm is committed to fighting for employee rights. Employment law covers a broad array of workplace issues, including non-payment of overtime and other wages, failure to provide meal and rest breaks, workers’ compensation, work injuries, wrongful termination, discrimination at work, workplace harassment, and more.


PARRIS attorneys are dedicated to safeguarding our environment. We possess the expertise and the financial resources to thoroughly investigate environmental cases and hold the polluting parties responsible for their contamination. PARRIS handles cases involving water contamination, soil contamination, air contamination, gas leaks, wildfires, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the California Environmental Quality Act.